The Pines - Relax yourself in paradise

About The Pines

The journey to The Pines passes through fishing villages and farms where local communities live a simple life. As you reach your destination, a small bridge and walkway flanked by a lily pond welcome you into this tropical paradise, where you’re greeted by warm staff and stunning sea views.

The Pines - Indulge in an unforgettable luxury break

Elegant and earthy, with extensive use of Burmese teak wood, each of the villa’s five pavilions feature lofty roofs and sliding glass doors that can be pulled back for open-air living. The rooms are well-spaced out and private, connected via a winding pool deck.

Which brings us to one of the highlights of the villa, a refreshing 20-metre lap pool, right in front of the beach. Picture yourself sipping a cocktail in the pool or at the outdoor sala, as the sun sets over the vast sea. Marvel at the colours in the sky, while your villa attendants and chef busy themselves crafting memorable dining experiences for you each night.

Barefoot living is pure indulgence, though you may take it for granted at The Pines. An idyllic setting for groups of families, it has plenty to keep everyone occupied, including an entertainment room, gym, outdoor living spaces and an abundance of sun loungers strewn around the expansive poolside terrace.

Allow yourself to wind down and take advantage of lazy days spent in the sunshine, the pool and the sea, while evenings bring the stars out across the dark, clear sky.

The semi-rural coastline is best explored on bicycles, passing villages, local stalls and the unfiltered Thai countryside. And with a beach club and delicious dining destinations close by, you may even be tempted to stop for a chilled glass of wine on your way back. We won’t blame you. You’re on holiday, after all.

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